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Hey Chasers, Our parent label, Riptide Studios, which was founded by Chasing Director Paul Muzzin, is now on Twitter. Let’s help get those initial follower numbers boosted! You can find Paul’s project here: @riptidestudios!/riptidestudios Blessings,  Matthew


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50th Anniversary of First Orbit

On February 20th 1962 John Glenn stepped into his mercury space craft, Friendship 7, and became the first human being to circle the globe.  I can only imagine the dichotomy of experience one would have in orbit. You sit in a silent, zero gravity serenity above the crest of the blue horizon and yet the mind is racing with tasks …

Mars 39% Farther Away After New Budget

As an update to the previous blog post on the 12th which talked about potential decreases to the Mars Exploration project, it seems that the predictions about budget cuts to this project have indeed occurred.  The Article from the BBC explained that NASA’s planetary science budget loses 20% of its current 1.5 Billion. Mars exploration, which is a part of that …

Patrick Stewart Doesn’t Age

For you Star Trek fans out there. Something I noticed when picking up the first TNG episodes on Blu-Ray. In Episode The Inner Light, Picard lives 20 years in another life. 

Next “Giant Leap” Not Worth It?

Tomorrow, February 13th, US President Obama is scheduled to make an announcement surrounding budget cuts that will most likely result in NASA’s withdrawal from a human flight to Mars. Furthermore, it is expected that the projected budget cuts will result in a significant reduction in funding for future robotic missions. The funding for space exploration has always been controversial. Why reach to the …

Big Bang Theory hosts Astronaut Mike Massimino

In an conflation of comedy, science and science fiction, astronaut Mike Massimino will be joining the cast of Big Bang Theory tonight. Episode 515, The Friendship Contraction, will host Massimino, a past Atlantis and Columbia veteran. Massimino’s STS 125 Atlantis mission in May of 2009 was the final Hubble servicing mission featured in the IMAX documentary Hubble; one of the …