Big Bang Theory hosts Astronaut Mike Massimino

In an conflation of comedy, science and science fiction, astronaut Mike Massimino will be joining the cast of Big Bang Theory tonight. Episode 515, The Friendship Contraction, will host Massimino, a past Atlantis and Columbia veteran. Massimino’s STS 125 Atlantis mission in May of 2009 was the final Hubble servicing mission featured in the IMAX documentary Hubble; one of the most amazing documentaries I’ve ever seen and certainly IMAX at its best. (Picked up this jem at a Rogers going out of business sale on Blu-Ray a few weeks ago!)

You can check out the episode on tonight! If you miss it, Canadian viewers can find it online here: (Thank you CTV)

For more on the Hubble Documentary from IMAX (This website is also very cool)

And finally, has a post about Massimino’s appearance on Big Bang Theory. The post goes into details about his career as an Astronaut and his experiences being on set. 







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