Chasing Orion!

Hey Chasers,

Just a quick update to let you know that we’re in Florida for the Orion Test Flight! The launch is set for 7AM EST today and we have press passes. We’ll be about 10KM from the launch site. This is even way closer than we were for the Atlantis lift off 3 years ago.

Orion Capsule

Orion Capsule

Orion’s flight is exciting for a few reasons both historical and personal. Historically, this launch represents the next steps on the path to bringing humanity further into the Solar system, perhaps even to Mars which is the current plan. But personally, it is huge that we were able to get press credentials for this launch. 3 years ago, when we started this journey, we had made little inroads yet with the space community here in Florida. We were just a group of travelers on a road trip to see a space shuttle. So much has happened since then and we’ve met so many people who have opened so many doors for us. And now, here we are on the eve/morning of this historic event with front row seats. One historic launch to another.

Be sure to tune in to the launch live! You can watch it here on NASA TV┬áIn fact, there is a live view of Orion on the launch pad right now. We’ll be there as well so if you’re around at the cape, be sure to Tweet me @chasingatlantis or @nobordfromorbit

Keep Chasing and Go Orion!!


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