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Hey Chasers!

This coming July 5th, the annual Constellation Awards: Canada’s Awards for Excellence in Science Fiction Film and Television will be hosted at the Holiday Inn: Toronto International Airport.

TCON Banner

TCON Banner

Not in the Toronto area? That’s okay because you can still participate by going online and voting for this year’s awards in categories such as Best Performances in a 2013 Science Fiction Television Episode, technical accomplishments in science fiction or film, best scripts, and overall outstanding Canadian contribution to science fiction.¬†Were you amazed by Billie Piper’s portrayal of the “Bad Wolf” in Day of the Doctor? Were you in awe as Sandra Bullock plummeted to Earth in Gravity? Were you shocked when Trenna Keating “protected the greater good” in “The Bride Wore Black” in Defiance? If so, have your say by voting online

You can participate in the Constellation Award’s online voting system here: Part of the voting includes a $5 fee which helps to support the awards ceremony run by the TCON promotional society, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to celebrating Science Fiction and Fantasy.

In addition to voting, you can attend the award ceremony in person. We had an absolute blast at the the constellation awards last year…like literally some of the most fun we’ve ever had on our Chasing Atlantis adventure with the opportunity to meet up with like-minded fans and meet some of our heroes of Sci-Fi (Like Judy and Garfield Reeve-Stevens below)

Paul (right) and Matt (left) with Judy and Garfield Reeve-Stevens (Center) at the 2013 Constellation Awards

Paul (right) and Matt (left) with Judy and Garfield Reeve-Stevens (Center) at the 2013 Constellation Awards

I highly recommend that you go…and bring your awesome, geeky, nerdy, LARPY, Whoovian, Elvish, Trekkie, Cylon, friends too! Registration can be found here.¬†

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