History of the Future at the Canadian National Exhibition

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Earlier in the Summer we were contacted by Candice McCavitt, Exhibit Coordinator of the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE).  Also known as the Ex, the CNE is an annual event in Toronto visited by over 1.4 million visitors each year. The CNE is the largest annual far in Canada; seventh in North America.

The Ex has a long history beginning in 1879 to promote agriculture and technology in Canada. New advances in each sector were showcased at the Ex to demonstrate new trends and cutting edge innovations. Candice explained that a particular exhibit “History to the Future” would have a space for Chasing Atlantis.

Director Paul Muzzin at Chasing Atlantis CNE Exhibit

Director Paul Muzzin at Chasing Atlantis CNE Exhibit


The exhibit is described as “Looking backward to what the future could have been and forward to where we are headed now by highlighting past, present, and future innovations, explorations, and technologies” Some of our key interviewees are helping to usher in this future while others look back at a view of the future and space exploration during the Apollo era.

This is the Ex’s final weekend. If you are in the Toronto area, be sure to check it out and visit the History of the Future exhibit before the weekend is out!

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