Science RULES…With Bill Nye! North America Tour 2 Continues

Hey Chasers!

We did it! BILL NYE!

Bill Nye (Centre) With Chasing Atlantis Team Paul (Right) and Matthew (Left)

Bill Nye (Centre) With Chasing Atlantis Team Paul (Right) and Matthew (Left)

Mind Blown! We literally just got back from our interview with Bill at the Planetary Society. First off, it was amazing to visit the society, a legacy of the great Carl Sagan. But then, to meet a childhood hero who continues to be a passionate advocate for education, action against climate change, and the mission to answer the questions of our origins in the universe…again, mind blowing.

Bill spoke a great deal with us about science education and science as key to understanding and improving the world around us. However, he also spoke about the importance of curiosity, imagination and passion and how these values need to play a part in your life regardless of your vocation…so even in the lives of filmmakers!

As part of the “Ask Bill Nye” post that we made a few days ago, we got some really insightful questions sent in. To those of you who posted questions on the website, in tweets, or posted on the FB page, THANK YOU! We were stoked to know that you were out there helping us to brainstorm ideas for this amazing opportunity. We definitely managed to get some of these questions into the interview and we will be posting clips of those answers soon! Stay tuned! In the meantime…


Oh, one more thing!! Note the Chasing Atlantis Bowtie on Bill! In our panic to get one made last minute, we actually had 3 come through. Our Tie contributors were Vancouver based Belvedere Ties (Featured in this Photo), Beau Ties Ltd in Vermont (a regular provider of ties for Bill  (Thanks Liz!), and by my colleague Brandy Steele at Simon Fraser University. Bill received all 3 ties as a gift and said that they were all very awesome. Also, thanks to Spoonflower for getting us the Chasing Atlantis fabric, from which all the ties were made, in time for the trip!)

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