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Hey Chasers!

Over the past few weeks, you’ve heard rumors of a special celebrity interview, and a few mentions of bow ties. Well, here is the official announcement:


Bill Nye the Science Guy  Photo:

Bill Nye the Science Guy Photo:

Paul and I are headed to Los Angeles to meet up with Bill at the Planetary Society in on July 25th!

Conducting interviews for the film can be intimidating enough as it is. We are getting deep with people about how space, and science fiction have really affected their lives. But this is BILL NYE! Bill helped raise a whole generation of us on science through his passion for outreach and…well…we are understandably nervous and excited all at once.

So here’s where we’d like your help! 

We want to ensure we get the most out of our time with Bill and also provide you with a chance to be involved. We are asking the space/sci-fi community “What Would You Want to Ask Bill Nye”. We will use some of the questions we get in our interview.

What kind of questions are we looking for?

Questions that fit the themes of the film. Of course we are looking for questions about space, why space is so cool, and why Bill has taken lead at the Planetary Society. But Chasing also explores people’s personal connection to space/exploration, the legacy they want to leave in their field of study, why they feel compelled to engage/educate, how their field affects society, why what they do is important, and what inspired them to do what they do. So get creative!

How do you send your question?

Tweet it to us @chasingatlantis, write as a reply to this blog post, or post it on our Facebook Page. If we use your question in the interview, we’ll let you know and post the video of Bill’s reply. We will consider questions sent to us all the way until the morning of July 25th when we’re en route to the Planetary Society


Thanks for helping us take advantage of this amazing opportunity! (BILL! BILL! BILL! BILL!)

-Keep Chasing





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  1. I’d ask him how he feels about the shift in materials used for education, from VHS science flicks in school to kids being able to access anything via the internet, and whether he thinks there’s a void now. And maybe what kind of random science he’s pursued outside of the show.

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      Awesome. Great question. I also wonder how much education institutions have kept up with the changes. Even when VHS was around, my high school was still using film reels

      1. I would follow up that train of questioning with finding out what he thinks of the difference between information access (kids having the internet these days) and knowledge acquisition. and how we can ensure our education is only using the former as a tool to enhance the latter as opposed to replacing it.

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  3. Here are a few questions we came up with:

    1) Ask him what inspired him to pursue Science?
    2) What made you make a transformation from a Mechanical Engineer to “The Science Guy”?
    3) As an avid follower of ties, neck and bow, what made you interested in bow-ties?
    4) If you were in possession of a time-machine, where would you go in time, and why?
    5) What is the difference in air-speed velocity of an African and a European swallow?

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