We’re Live at Toronto Comicon!

Hey Chasers!

You may have seen some people dressed up like this at Comicon!


CA Team (Mike and Paul in Tees) with interviewees Elaine, Adam and Ray (left to right)

If you see people running around in Chasing Atlantis Tees during the day or later this evening. Be sure to stop by and say hello. We have been doing interviews talking to folks at the convention about SPAAAACE and Science Fiction and in general sharing the #geeklove

I’ve been stationed here back in Vancouver but surfing the Twitterverse keeping up with the #torontocomicon and #comicon traffic. If you’re on twitter, be sure to follow those tags as well as #chasingatlantis to connect with us!

The team is, as of this very moment, about to line up for the Star Trek the Next Generation Reunion Panel! I’m so Jealous! In the meantime I’m watching the show on Netflix #nextbestthing

-Keep Chasing!

-Matthew &8-) 

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