2013 YouTube Challenge: Happy New Year!

Hey Chasers!

To ring in the New Year we had an idea. Chasing Atlantis is a film about how people are inspired by space and space exploration. But it is also about the pursuit of one’s passion and the journey that can lead you on. In light of this, we want to hear more about what YOU are pursuing this year through our YouTube Challenge. It doesn’t have to be space related. We just want to know what you are passionate about. We are doing the project to inspire others to also pursue their own dreams/interests this year AND we will be using some of the videos in the film! Be sure to re-post the video on our Facebook page and send us an e-mail at youtubechallenge@chasingatlantis.com if you put one up! ¬†We hope to see a whole bunch of them online! Happy 2013!!





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