Atlantis Comes Home as We Launch IndieGoGo Campaign (NEW TRAILER!)

Hey Chasers!

We are only 3 hours from heading to the Kennedy Space Center to see the start of Atlantis’ journey to its new home at the Kennedy Space Center visitor complex. In anticipation of this historic event, we have launched our Chasing Atlantis IndieGoGo campaign. The campaign is a way for us to secure critical funding for us to complete the film as well as generate awareness. We believe in community building. That’s what space is all about…exploring the universe as a means of exploring ourselves. We want this campaign to be a way to build that community as we work to complete Chasing Atlantis.

We invite you to visit the IndieGoGo Campaign page where you can check out our latest NEW TRAILER as well. Please forward the campaign to those who would be interest in helping this vision become reality!

We will see you following Atlantis’ roll out! Be sure to check out the live coverage on NASA TV


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  1. Way to go guys! A few people asked me about the Chasing Atlantis t-shirt and one wants to buy one! Keep up the hard but thrilling work of engaging and building our communities and of course keep chasing and living your dreams!


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