Indie Game The Movie Now Released!

Hey Chasers,

Wanted to draw your attention to an amazing Canadian film project that caught my attention. Indie Game the Movie is now hitting the shelves and Internet after becoming an official selection at the Sundance Film Festival and taking home Sundance’s World Cinema Documentary Editing Award.

The film’s creators, James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot of Winnipeg, Manitoba, have been working on the film for over a year documenting the efforts of a number of indie video game designers as they attempt to deliver their creations to market. The film has already received amazing reviews as it highlights the personal and professional struggles of creating an independent game bringing a digital dream to life.

Indie Game has resonated with us as a fellow Canadian documentary, especially in that the film focusses on independent producers while remaining an independent production itself. The community built around Indie Game is simply inspiring, generating thousands of followers on Twitter even before the film was released yesterday (June 12th). I think that’s where the magic in these efforts comes from…connection…the same reason we stood with a million strong before Atlantis as she flew.

I am literally in the middle of downloading Indie Game on Steam as I write this post, but you can also get the film for $9.99 straight from the website In support of Canadian film, independent productions, and gamers everywhere, I highly encourage you to do the same!




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