I (You) Dream of Space: A New Opportunity for us Both to Get to Space

Hey Chasers,

Over the last few weeks I have been promoting my entry in Metro Newspaper’s Race to Space, an online voting competition to send one of Metro’s readers to Space.

That competition has now closed and I am ever grateful for your support. We closed yesterday at midnight EST at just under 30,000 votes putting my entry in 13th place overall out 1688¬†entries! Huzzah. I get the results back from that competition on April 9th. Don’t worry, if I won the Canadian leg of the competition, I will certainly let you all know!

BUT, today, while surfing twitter, I came across a new opportunity for us all to get to space. It’s a project called I Dream of Space www.idreamofspace.com. Their motto is simple, “Space is for Everyone.” The plan works like this: You buy a cool space poster for $10 and get entered into a draw to win a ticket on one of the new commercial space flight companies like the one Metro is using in their own space competition. Each poster (like a ticket) increases your chances of winning the draw. The company providing the ticket has not yet been determined, but I would recommend checking out the site. You can also follow “I Dream of Space” on twitter @winatriptospace



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