Day 7 In the Race for Space

Hey Chasers,

Now passing 15K votes in the Race for Space. 2500 more and I move up into 12th place overall in the Canadian competition. I’ve sent out the information about the event to a number of news media outlets now and it has started to get picked up. Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario’s  posted an article about the Race for Space to share with my hometown community where both Paul and I were born. A shout out to James Murray at Net News for posting the article and helping to spread the word. The article on NetNews can be found  here.

Overall, I have noticed that the average number of votes per hour is starting to increase. I think I can definitely catch top 10 by the end of the voting period and, if things go even more awesomely, maybe even hit the top of the chart. Burnaby Now is also going to be posting an article as I’m presently out at Simon Fraser University’s Burnaby campus East of downtown Vancouver.

Thank you all again for your continued votes. You can continue to vote at my entry on the competition’s page here Remember, you can vote 10 times a day on any computer or mobile device you’re on. So, for example, if you vote at work/school, home and on your phone, that’s 30 votes a day!

To get an idea of why this is so exciting, I’d invite you to read the description of the flight experience here:

Thank you for continued support and for helping me continue this new chase!


Matthew &8-)

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