Chasing Atlantis on IndieGoGo

Chasing Atlantis has been an incredible venture and we eagerly await the completion of our documentary so that we can share our story with all of you in the way that we experienced it.

Our project is an independent venture and as such Chasing Atlantis is completely self-funded. Flights, car rentals, equipment rentals, and hotel accommodations were all paid for out of pocket. While our journey itself is complete, we are left in the post-production phase with significant debts. To those of you who would be interested in supporting us in the post-production phase of the documentary and help to offset the costs in making this film, we would be most grateful for your financial assistance. We have a page up on IndieGoGo that we invite you to visit. There are even some listed perks for your donation that will allow you to be a more direct participant in our film!

Thank you very much for considering to support this commemoration of the space program and how it has inspired so many of us.

You can visit us on IndieGoGo via the link below:

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