Titusville… T minus 0?

It’s late, so I will keep it short. Today was jam-packed. Matthew and I checked out of our Motel 6 in Palm Bay and headed back to the Kennedy Space Centre with one goal: to get on the general tour that brings us to the shuttle observation tower. It was interesting. I would like to say awesome, however they had yet to move the rotating service structure, which meant that it obscured our view. We were able to make out the tips of the rocket boosters and fuel.

The rest of the day was spent chasing other tour items, including sitting in the captain’s chair of the original USS Enterprise NCC-1701, and experiencing the Apollo/Saturn V Centre. This was the most amazing part at KSC. We stepped into the past and experienced a recreation of the Apollo 8 mission where NASA first sent astronauts to circle the moon. Oh, yeah, and I got to stand underneath a Saturn V rocket.

After a long day at KSC, we booked it to Titusville, found parking for both cars (it only cost us $70) and proceeded to the US Space Walk of Fame. Here we interviewed Lee Starrick, former Fireman at the Kennedy Centre, and volunteer at the museum. We originally discussed only a 20 minute interview, however he generously poured out story after story. We came back with over an hours worth of material. We will write more specifically on Lee in a later post.  http://www.kennedyspacecenter.com/apollo-saturn-v-center.aspx

Finally, I would like to quickly comment on the hospitality of Titusville. Today has been an exhausting day. Between 7am and 11pm, Matthew and I were constantly on the go. Between the 2 of us, we only ate 4 granola bars and an apple. When we were finished interviewing Lee, I wandered around the downtown looking for a dry place where we could put up our feet. It had been raining most of the day, the air was humid and sticky, and we were wet. We also needed a power supply to charge our batteries and transfer our footage to our laptop and backup drives. I felt like giving up. I was wet, hungry, and a little cranky. I just needed a break. I called my wife, Stephanie, and realized I was starting to complain. We spent a few minutes in prayer, said our good nights, and I was back otn my way. Not more than 2 minutes after hanging up did I stumble upon the hospitality of Titusville’s visitors center. Walking in, they saw I was a bit lost and after hearing about our crazy journey, the documentary, and our lack of resources/accommodations they stepped into action. We were told we could stay at the visitors centre (from which I am now writing). They gave us pillows and blankets, access to wi-fi, an electrical outlet for all our video needs, and access to washrooms (yes no more porta potties). Sue Anne, even when home and lent us a 3 person tent to set up in the parking lot. We are absolutely astounded by the kindness of our new friends, and I can’t help but think that I had only stumbled upon them after a few minutes in prayer with my wife.

There is so much more to say, so many details that I would love to share but I have already stayed up too late. It’s 4 am, Atlantis is being fueled, and we’re all waiting to see if the weather permits her to fly.

– Paul






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  1. I am so encouraged by your posts! I am sitting at work continuasly praying for the weather to settle in favor for the launch as so many awaits this historic event.
    I was encouraged to hear that the group was taken care of by such wonderful people! You guys have found favor in Titusville! The amount of people that are giving of their time and taking you seriously is amazing!

    Live this to the max! you have worked all so hard to get there!


  2. What I meant by taking you seriously is more that they are recognizing that you are serious about this documentary/ film and are really making it for you guys! Keep up the good work!

    Gotta get back to work!

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