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Middle of our tour at the Kennedy Space Center Yesterday, I received a call from the Canadian Space Agency letting us know that we had secured an interview with Canadian Astronaut/Future ISS Commander Chris Hadfield. I was ecstatic but worried. We were on a tour bus in the middle of the Cape and unable to get out early. With a limited window of opportunity, there was potential to miss the interview slot.

As soon as the bus pulled into the Visitor Center we were out of the KSC and headed toward the interview location. The Space Agency was incredibly accommodating allowing us some extra time for lighting setup expertly assembled by Paul.

Commander Hadfield, gave us a large chunk of his time and we were able to talk to him about the end of the shuttle program, future missions to space, and why it is important for individuals and for a society to take the kind of risks that astronauts do to further our understanding of the Universe and our own planet as well. A huge thanks to Commander Hadfield. We are incredibly grateful for your time. We were also able to rock out with Chris following the interview at an Irish Pub in Cocoa beach. Chris also happens to be an accomplish guitar player/singer!

We are off again today to the Kennedy Space Center as our time there was cut short yesterday. Hoping to get at least one closer view of the shuttle before takeoff. Right now, weather is not looking good, and there is a strong possibility that we may miss the launch. Only a 30% chance of “go” at this point.

-Matthew &8-)

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  1. Excellent job Mathew! Wonderful to see your skills put to use on this project; very proud of the entire website and of course, proud to know you’re from Thunder Bay! Good work!

  2. When I got news that Matt and the crew had secured an interview with Chris Hadfield, I asked Paul on the time when they were unsure if they would make it. Paul informed me that they left the tour bus at about 4 pm. This was approximately the time when I was praying for Christ to open a window of opportunity and make plans happen whatever they were. Well, they made it to the interview with Commander Hadfield! Now that’s something.

    We all have plans and we all have plans that get shattered one time or another. It is heartbreaking that there is a possibility that you guys won’t see the launch. Make sure to tape everyone’s reaction about the news whether it launches or not. It is important to see the climax of the experience get to that point, ecstatic or devastation or other feelings according to the outcome.

    I pray and hope that you get to witness this launch! But keep your hearts and minds open that there might be something else to be captured from this experience. After all, everything happens for a reason.
    See you guys soon!

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