And we’re off….almost

I’m sitting at U of T and we were supposed to have left about an hour ago. Unfortunately, Enterprise is now nearly two and a half hours late with our rental car!

Anyhow, besides the obvious logistical hurdle in not having transportation, everything else is in place and ready to go. I must admit that I am slightly overwhelmed with anxious anticipation. The vehicle being late is not helping. It will be difficult enough getting into Washington on July 4th.

At some point you can only plan so much, organize so much, call so many times. Then you have to let go, and see where the journey takes you. That will be the case for me once we head south of the border. There are only so many variables you can control on a trip like this, the rest is adventure.

Just got a call that the car is on its way. And so we’re off to chase Atlantis

-Matthew &8-)

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  1. Enjoy the ride Matt with the rest of your crew and have a blast of a time! he he! You guys are blessed to live such an adventure and kudos for leading the way!

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