Live From Vancouver FanExpo

Hey Chasers!

If you are at FanExpo Vancouver today, be sure to come and find us at table 54 in Artist’s Alley. We are sharing a booth with our friend Peter Chiykowski from the Web comic Rock Paper Cynic. Pete designed out Chasing Atlantis Buttons and you can find his awesome comic on “constructive cynicism” at


Chasing Booth at FanExpo Vancouver

We shot 10 YouTube Challenge videos yesterday right at our booth. If you’re unfamiliar with the challenge, we are getting people on camera sharing their “Atlantis” with us; third dream calling or passion, that we are filming and sharing with others to encourage them to do the same and publicly share something awesome that they are into as well. I’d you’re around the convention, come visit us and not only could you end up in the film, but you could win an awesome Lego space shuttle set! Hope to see you!



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