Transit of Venus is Today (June 5th)

Hey Chasers,

Once in a lifetime opportunity today to see Venus as it journeys across our view of the Sun. The planet, just slightly smaller than our own, will be dwarfed by our life-giving star and appear as a small black dot contrasted against the Sun’s light.

Some of you may already be setting up your solar observing telescopes. But for those of you without access to that equipment, (or in an overcast area like I’m in right now *shakes fist) you can watch the transit live from several locations including places very high up in the air (Hawaii) or above the entire Earth itself (International Space Station)

I found a handy article from Wired Magazine that outlines all the various sites online that you can watch today’s transit. Be sure to check it out! This event happens only twice in a given 8 year period every 150 years. The first was in 2004. Following today, the next will not happen again until 2117 May you be humbled by the wonder that is our solar system!




Transit of Venus 2004 Credit: Wikicommons/Jan Herold

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