Day 5 In the Race for Space

Day 5 In the Race for Space

It’s been 5 days competing in Metro’s Race for Space, a competition to win a trip on one of the first space tourism flights with aerospace company SXC.

As of right now, I just hit 8500 votes. Amazing! I thought I’d be struggling to hit 1000, and here we are. I want to make the top ten voted individuals. They are not specific as to which of the highest ranked will be considered, but I think that is a fair challenge. 

I am currently prepping a booth to put out at Simon Fraser University’s Convocation Mall for tomorrow where, during the day, I will be campaigning to leverage the support of the student population. I’ve got some nifty decor picked out for the booth including some star and planet models, a lego shuttle, and my 80mm Skywatcher telescope. I figure that should draw some attention. 

Thank you all again for your continued support, and remember you can vote up to 10 times per day on any connected device that you are on from now until April 5th. So, for example, that’s ten votes at work, ten at home and ten on your phone each day! I know we can crack the top ten! Here’s the Link!


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