Back at the Kennedy Space Center

It’s been a crazy past 24 hours.

Basically we received word that Atlantis, which is currently being housed in the Vehicle Assembly Building, is being moved Friday morning back to the Orbiter Processing Facility. I have been in touch with with a NASA PR representative in an attempt to gain media level access to Atlantis which would allow us to get a proper film shoot of the vehicle. So far that hasn’t panned out. However, if we are going to get any coverage at all of the orbiter, it seems that it will have to be while it is still in the Vehicle Assembly Building. I needed to make a call. Assuming things don’t work out on the media accreditation side, this will be our only shot to see Atlantis within 10 meters rather than within 3 miles. I was on a plane and here I am in a hotel in Titusville giving this update. The plan is such…

Atlantis is in the VAB today. Tomorrow, it will be swapped out with Discovery and return to the Orbiter Processing Facility. Discovery will be not fully parked in the VAB but rather out in the loading isle meaning that tours for it tomorrow will actually go under the wing. I’m pretty stoked about that. So the plan is to catch both orbiters over the next two days.

Due to the last minute nature of the trip, Paul couldn’t make it down this time. I’m flying solo. Missing the team members 🙁 so we won’t be shooting this one with the Panasonic HVX under Paul’s gifted hands. It will be me with the Rebel DSLR. I’m hoping for the footage to turn out decently or, at the very least, get some great photos.

Keep an eye out for the results over the next few days. I also have one other awesome announcement regarding our first screening that I will be posting about soon!



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