Preparing for Our Own Liftoff

Hey Chasers,

It’s been two months now since our return journey to the Kennedy Space Center. Yesterday Paul and I, over Skype across the country, looked at the first rough cut that he had put together for our first trailer called the “Faces of Chasing Atlantis” that highlights some of the key interviews during our first journey in July and the more recent this past October. 

In September, our editing efforts were stalled due to a theft resulting in the loss of all of the editing equipment in the studio. Paul’s equipment was only recently replaced through the insurance process which has put us about 3 months behind schedule. However, we are getting back to speed and you will begin to see content on the website posted as of January 2012. 

Thanks to all of you who have continued to support us! Remember that you can find Chasing Atlantis in the following places:

twitter @chasingatlantis

Facebook: Chasing Atlantis


Web (here)



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